A Program Package to Calculate Composition and Transport Coefficients in Dense Plasmas

COMPTRA04 is a Fortran 90 program package developed to calculate compositions and transport coefficients within the partially ionized plasma model.

For details and a manual please refer to:
S. Kuhlbrodt et. al., Contributions to Plasma Physics, Volume 45, Issue 2 , Pages 73 - 88 (2005)

The following link provides the latest version of COMPTRA04:
comptra04.tar.gz   (version 040726, 350kB)

Transport Coefficients and Composition of Dense Plasmas

The tables below contain data files with the composition of various metal and noble gas plasmas as well as for the transport coefficients electrical conductivity (sigma), thermal conductivity (lambda), thermopower (kappa), and Lorentz number (L) for given densities and temperatures. Basis for the calculation of the composition is the partially ionized plasma (PIP) model: Free electrons, various ion species, and neutral atoms are treated in a chemical picture. For the calculation of the transport coefficients, the linear response theory (LRT) in the formulation of Zubarev was used which is valid for arbitrary degeneracy.

For details of these models and the respective calculations, see:

S. Kuhlbrodt, PhD thesis, Universität Rostock 2003 (german)

S. Kuhlbrodt et. al., Contributions to Plasma Physics, Volume 45, Issue 1 , Pages 61 - 69 (2005)

Here, only the most important approximations are mentioned:

Calculation of composition:

  • Padé approximations of Ebeling et al. for the contributions of charged particles to the free energy
  • 2nd virial coefficient for the polarization contribution of charged-neutral interactions to the free energy
  • neglect of contributions to the free energy due to particle volumina (excluded volume)

Calculation of the transport coefficients:

  • three-moment approximation
  • transport cross sections in T-matrix approximation for e-i and e-e scattering
  • transport cross sections in Born approximation for e-atom scattering
  • neglect of ion-ion structure factor effects

The files given below are named due to there content. For example, files fe10-30K_* contain data for iron (fe) between 10000 K and 30000 K. The prefix *_comp stands for a composition file, *_trans are files that include data for the transport coefficients, *_sesa contains electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermopower in the usual SESAME format for the same temperatures and densities as the *_trans files (see more information on COMPTRA04's file formats).